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Build your dream home

Bricks have been the building material of choice for centuries. Today, with the introduction of new laws relating to better insulation for electricity saving and a move towards greener, more environmentally conscious choices, builders and architects are looking for innovative construction methods. Not only are many of the alternative building me... Read more

Hydraform’s Radway Green project wins at the 9th SACA Awards

[Johannesburg, 5 October 2016]: Hydraform, leaders in alternative building technology since 1988, won ‘Best Public Sector Excellence of the Year’ category of the 9th South African Construction Awards for their work on the Radway Green Farm project.

The awards took place on the 7th of October 2016, i... Read more

Hydraform signs MOU with NBRRI

Nigerian Building & Road Research Institute (NBRRI) and Hydraform are pleased to announce the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU).

This MOU was signed at the ABUJA Housing Conference which was held from the 18th to the 20th of July 2016. The MOU was signed by the Director-General/ Chief Executive Officer of NBRRI Prof. Danladi S. Matawal and Hydraform’s Managing Director Mr. Robert Plattner.

Both organisations share the same vision and mission of improving the quality of life of the people of Nigeria by building local capacity. This is done by using local materials and resources which not only helps to stimulate local economic activity but also has far reaching social impact, including access to affordable homes through innovative technology.

By the implementation of Hydraform as the leading alternative building technology this collaboration will lead to the creation of thousands of employment opportunities in the provision of affordable houses for Nigerians in line with the government’s objective and manifesto.

NBRRI was established in 1978 by the Federal Government of Nigeria under the National Science and Technology Development Agency Bill. The organisation is based in the City of Abuja in Nigeria. The function of NBRRI is to conduct integrated research and development activities into different aspects of building, road construction and engineering materials related to the construction industry.

Hydraform has established itself as leaders in alternative building technology for economic empowerment. The company has been in existence since 1988. Its head office is in South Africa but the company has other regional offices across Africa including the city of Abuja in Nigeria. Through innovative and effective building systems the company has been able to offer initiatives that empower different communities by transferring valuable skills to create employment opportunities. Such initiatives assist in creating wealth in communities and to alleviate poverty.

Watch this space for more information about this great partnership between NBRRI AND Hydraform.

Peter Rich Architects - Kwazulu Natal Society of Arts

Peter Rich, a world renowned architect, recently exhibited his work at the Kwazulu Natal Society of Arts. Peter Rich is dedicated to the creation of contemporary African architecture. He creates places and spaces that are meaningful, moving and uplifting for all who occupy them. He has been a student, practitioner and teacher of architecture for the past four-and-a-half decades, and during this time he has carried out extensive first-hand research into African vernacular architecture.

He has been a pioneer of an architecture that translates the lessons learnt from this research into practice, and as a result is truly African in its essence. Peter Rich architects have had a long standing relationship with Hydraform, and have made use of Hydraform technology in the construction of award winning buildings such as the Mapungubwe Interpretation Centre.

The Learnt in Translation took place from the 14 – 30 September in the Main, Mezzanine, Multi-media Gallery. Peter's work has won a host of national and international awards. Most recently the Mapungubwe Interpretation Centre was awarded the World Building of the Year Award 2009, at the World Architecture Festival in Barcelona and the David Alsop Sustainability Award, both in 2009. Peter Rich was elected an Honorary Fellow of the American Institute of Architects in 2010.

Two main themes of Peter's work are reflected in the layout of the exhibition itself: ‘the house is not a home, unless it is a village' and the use of diagonal extensions. The exhibition is conceived as a series of ‘courtyards', defined by a number of ‘boxes', which are created by suspending fabric banners from a ceiling-mounted grid of dowel sticks, with canvas drapes forming their ‘roofs'. In plan, the ‘boxes' are arranged in a tartan grid, creating diagonal visual connections between the courtyards. Each courtyard deals with a project or with a group of projects that are linked by a common theme.

The eight courtyards had the following themes:

  • + Early works and influences, including the architecture of the Southern Ndebele.
  • + Westridge House, Elim Shopping Cente, Tembisa Sports Centre and Clinic
  • + Houses
  • + Community Projects (Places of Reconciliation)
  • + Alexandra Interpretation Centre
  • + Mapungubwe Interpretation Centre
  • + Works in Rwanda
  • + Works in Ethiopia and current African work

Beware of Fake Chinese Imitations

It has come to our attention that there are low quality Chinese copies of Hydraform machines in the market. These Chinese companies claim to, either be Hydraform or a Hydraform machine manufacturer. Please note that Shandong Geethy Machinery Manufacture CO LTD is NOT a Hydraform machine manufacturer OR distributor.

We have had many complaints lodged by individuals that have bought these inferior copies of Hydraform machines. Hydraform International (PTY) LTD cannot take responsibility for problematic machines bought and manufactured in China. If it was not manufactured in AND shipped from South Africa, it is not a genuine Hydraform machine. The quality of these machines is inferior and as a result WILL cause downtime in block production.

The low quality blocks could also be dangerous to those using it to construct housing and other buildings.Please be aware of these low quality machine copies from China listed on their website as well as Alibaba.

Hydraform Mobile App

Hydraform has launched its first mobile App. The Hydraform App aims to assist current and prospective Hydraform machine owners on important points of Hydraform machines and building.

Online Payment Gateway

Hydraform is proud to launch another payment option for our valued customers making it more convenient and simple to make payments for training, spares and machines. The Online payment facility allows customers to bypass the tedious banking process of getting foreign funds by paying online using their debit or credit card. Payment can be made through our website or via a secure payment link sent by Hydraform. Hydraform uses one of the safest payment facilities in South Africa.

Hydraform Offering In-Country Training

Hydraform is proud to announce that as of the year 2014, we are going to start offering in-country training academy.

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