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Roof tile Machine

Concrete Roof Tiles are superior in cost and lifespan to most other roof covering materials. Good quality roof tiles can last up to 40years and are aesthetically pleasing with a variety of finishes possible. Multiple tile profiles can be made giving versatility and uniqueness to the customer. Concrete roof tiles can withstand varying climates from rain to snow and everything in between.

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The benefits include

  1. Average lifespan of up to 40years with simple maintenance.
  2. Thermal efficiency – up to 50% reduction in heat retention and 22% reduction in energy consumption due to the design of the tile and roof.
  3. High quality extrusion ensures a dense and solid tile, which lasts longer and has a smoother finer finish for both aesthetics and durability.
  4. High density concrete ensures strength, insulation and impermeability with age.
  5. Environmentally friendly

Why Hydraform Roof Tile Machines?

Hydraform has chosen to partner with Vortex Hydra – the world leaders in tile machine manufacturing having supplied tile machines all over the world to many multi-national producers.

Together, we introduce an entry-level unit fit for new entrants in the tile manufacturing market, the TM-1000-UnoSP. The TM-1000-UnoSP is an entry level unit capable of producing up to 1000 tiles per day, equivalent to approximately 100sqm. Hydraform has put together a starter package which includes 500 aluminium pallets (500tiles), the extruder unit, pan mixer and other basic accessories for a start-up operation. At a start-up of 500tiles per shift, a client can grow their business to 1000 pallets as demand increases. Training and commissioning of the plants can be provided onsite.

Higher capacity machines and fully automated plants can also be supplied to meet your needs.

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