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Hydraform™ Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
Solely developed and manufactured in South Africa

Leaders in Alternative Building Technology

There is an old saying that nothing can replace experience. Experience is not gained overnight but rather made up of involvement, participation, and exposure over a period of time.

Becoming the leaders in an industry takes time, dedication and persistence. Our continuous development has meant that Hydraform™ has partnered with numerous organisations to ensure we not only conform to regulatory standards, but in fact helped define them.

Hydraform™ (Original Manufacturer Equipment) is a leader in Compressed Earth Block (CEB) Technology. Hydraform™ has been at the forefront with developing the interlocking building system and machine range and solutions for OVER 29 Years. Hydraform Original Equipment is manufactured ONLY in South Africa.

Awards, Accreditation and Associations Hydraform™ is proud to be part of

Benefits of using Hydraform™ Original Equipment

  • Well established company with a 29-year history of success on the African continent.
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer and Industry leader.
  • Core of our business is to build long term relationships ensuring the success of all stakeholders.
  • Over a 100 years collective technical experience in well designed, long lasting Compressed Earth Technology
  • Dedicated research and development to ensure constant improvement equipment.
  • Constant product innovation to ensure the best technology for our customers.
  • Customised training options based on client’s individual needs.

Beware of cheap copies of Hydraform™ equipment

Please note that the companies listed on Alibaba as manufacturers of Hydraform™ equipment are NOT licensed to manufacture any Hydraform™ equipment, nor are they approved distributors or the Original Equipment Manufacturer.

The following are COPIERS of Hydraform™ equipment: Geethy, Shandong Liyuan Manufacture Co, Shangdong Shiyue Machinery, Dongye Machinery Group, Linye Wante Machinery, Linyi Linchuang Trading, Jinan Sunrise Construction Equipment, Linyi Youju Import & Export

Invest in Hydraform™ machinery, developed and manufactured only in South Africa and empower yourself to build infrastructure projects of the highest quality. Ensure you are dealing with the Original Equipment Manufacturers, contact us today and we will guide you through the process of setting up your block making plant.

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