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Technology fit to improve lives

The Hydraform Building System changes lives?

Hydraform the leading alternative building technology (ABT) uses the interlocking hydraform block which is produced on site or at a blockyard. Up to 60 000 hydraform blocks equalling 12 houses can be produced monthly.

Individuals will be trained in block production and in building with hydraform blocks. Our training program and ongoing support program is offered to suit your requirements. One Hydraform machine can directly provide employment for up to 20 individuals.

10% cement is used in the manufacturing of interlocking blocks the rest is earth. After curing the blocks are used for building. Hydraform blocks are made from earth (soil) which is an excellent insulation material, it keeps structures cool in the hot months and warm in the cooler months, thus reducing our carbon footprints.

Benefits from using the hydraform alternative building technology.
• High quality
• Speed of construction
• Cost saving

Be part of the housing solution.

Join thousands of others who made use of the Hydraform Interlocking technology to better lives

Community Development

Construction of houses, schools, clinics, churches and community centres are quick, simple and cost effective.

Skills Transfer

Local communities will be trained in Hydraform block production and construction.

Ground Support

We offer project support, professional training and after sales services.

What others have built with Hydraform's technology

Hospital in Ivory Coast

Houses built in a remote area in Uganda

Girls high school in Tanzania

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