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Profitable Block Production Centers with Hydraform Interlocking Block Technology

Newton Trust Company - Block Production Site

Newton Trust has developed a reputation for constructing high quality, cost effective buildings in both the private and commercial sectors in Tanzania. Their success is due to their efforts in maintaining high quality block production as well as consistent construction management. Newton recognizes the importance of providing quality assured service and products to their customers.

The company’s block production site has two machines, the Hydraform M7MI (A – Automation) that produces stabilised soil cement blocks and a Hydraform V3SE producing paving bricks for walkways and roads. The social upliftment of the community to Tanzania is also important to Newton Trust. The company has partnered with other organisations to deliver social upliftment projects. Such initiatives have assisted to create jobs and developed new skills for the local communities to produce their own blocks and construct houses.

Newton Trust Company acknowledges the Hydraform building system as a perfect machine for the Tanzanian market due to the low cost of construction, durability of the blocks, great thermal properties and the finished product.

The Hydraform interlocking blocks are load bearing thus eliminating the need for steel and concrete pillars.

Hydraform M7MI (A – Automation)
±2200 Interlocking Soil Cement Blocks Per Shift

For other available machine options, please contact our sales department – sales@hydraform.com

Some information to know before establishing your own block production business

  • What is the size of my project?
    • This will determine the number of blocks to be produced and the machine type to use.
  • Will my production site require electricity?
    • The machines can operate using either electricity or diesel.
  • Where will my project or production site be situated?
    • Depending on the needs of your location you can select a mobile machine or stationary machine.
  • Which type of blocks, bricks or pavers will my production site produce?
    • This will assist with selection of the correct machine suitable for your project.

How do I create awareness of my block production business?

  • Always deliver quality blocks, bricks and pavers to your clients.
  • Have a clear strategy in terms of your target market and their location.
  • Make time to network with potential clients to create awareness of your business.
  • Be efficient and reliable.
  • Do your best to respond to your clients within a reasonable turn-around time.
  • Educate your family and friends about services of your business.
    • This strategy can assist to increase word of mouth about your services and business.

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