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How to build enduring CSR with Hydraform Technology

  • Add Value
  • Community Development
  • Skills Transfer
  • Create Jobs
  • Community Development

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The Corporate Challenge

CSR objectives are a reality for any large and responsible organisation who wishes to show how they are positively giving back to their communities and creating a more sustainable future. Many mines are faced with challenges such as relocating communities, setting up of staff housing or creating wealth generation for the communities impacted by the mine. Companies face a dilemma on how to successfully implement a CSR strategy that will realise their objectives and create multifaceted rewards.

Meet the needs of your community

  • Deliver new skills to unskilled communities.
  • Huge social and economic benefits.
  • Full comprehensive blockmaking and building training
  • Material benefit - blocks made from overburden
  • Conservational benefits - reduces impact of mining
  • Deliver solution fit for purpose

Complete Your CSR Project In: 4 Easy Steps Using Hydraform Technology

STEP 1: Invest In Hydraform Technology

Hydraform M7MI Super (A – Automation)

Manufactures ±2200 Interlocking Soil Cement Blocks Per Shift (12 houses/month)

The Hydraform M7MI Super (A – Automation) is the most popular choice with Hydraform clients. This machine produces blocks onsite for local delivery and community involvement.

STEP 2: Create Sustainable Jobs - Employ Local Community To Implement the technology

Create employment for the community in block production as well as construction. Unskilled individuals can be trained to produce blocks as well as to build through a well developed training program and ongoing support program as may be required. One Hydraform machine can directly provide employment for up to 30 individuals.

STEP 3: Manufacture Eco-Friendly Hydraform Soil-Cement Interlocking Blocks

Hydraform blocks are cured, not burnt and therefore requires NO burning of trees. The bricks in an average clay house could burn as many as 60-100 trees. Hydraform blocks are made from earth (soil) which is an excellent insulation material, it keeps structures cool in the warm months and warm in the cooler months, thus reducing carbon footprints. Because Hydraform blocks are also made from soil and only 10% cement, the blocks require no harmful additives.

STEP 4: Build Quality And Robust Homes For The Community

People want safe, secure homes they can live in and nurture their families from. Hydraform interlocking blocks are high quality, solid blocks which can produce houses of any size as well as schools, clinics, community centres and places of worship. The blocks produced by the community will be used to build their homes and create ongoing wealth and security.

What others have built with the Hydraform Interlocking block technology

Delivering on Government’s housing promises

One of the biggest challenges facing the South African government is to meet an ever-growing need for housing. In the Eastern Cape, Hydraform has been able to help in this respect while also creating jobs and developing skills along the way.

Over the past several years, the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform (DRDLR) has been acquiring agricultural land with the intention of handing it over to emerging farmers together with appropriate skills development and funding. In the Eastern Cape, not far from Grahamstown, the DRDLR had identified 27 displaced families to be the recipients of new homes. Hydraform was given the opportunity to deliver a proof of concept package involving Hydraform technology that would not only deliver 27 quality homes but also skill these families and community members for future opportunities, ensuring a more sustainable upliftment for this community.

Sustanable Upliftment

As part of the delivery, Hydraform provided training on blockmaking and construction to 31 members of the community as well as to individuals from the department’s National Rural Youth Service Corps (NARYSEC). Basic machine maintenance training was also provided to ensure that the Hydraform machines are kept in good repair.

Did you know?

  • A total of 35 people were employed in this project.
  • Of the 35 - 27 were beneficiaries of the new homes.
  • Each household earned an income of ± R21 000.
  • A total of R700 000 was earned in wages, supporting economic wealth creation
  • R5 000 000 was spent in Grahamstown.
  • 13 small businesses sustained business from Hydraform for the duration of the project.

However, since a home is more than four walls and a roof, Hydraform has extended its offering beyond just services and training, moving into construction services. DRDLR has made funding available to provide an off-the-grid solution to the community. This entails drilling and equipping the site with a borehole, installing rainwater harvesting tanks and implementing a waste management system – the ongoing maintenance of which creates jobs in the community. Each house has also been equipped with solar power and a small television set.

As part of the offer, two Hydraform machines will be handed over to the NARYSEC team for future projects to continue employing their newly acquired skills for sustainable job creation and upliftment.

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