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Your Answer to #AffordableHousing

  • Use local soil and cement for blockmaking
  • Produce blocks onsite using Mobile machines
  • Interlocking blocks saves you time on your construction
  • Provide community with blockmaking skills
  • Provide quality and durable houses efficiently

For Quality And Cost-Effective Building Solutions, Choose Hydraform

Hydraform has dedicated its more than 25 years of experience in alternative building technologies to developing the Hydraform interlocking building system. Through continuous research and development with leading institutions, Hydraform developed a dry stack interlocking building block eliminating the use of mortar in 70% of the building structure with no need for concrete or steel columns.

The Hydraform Interlocking Block Making Machine

Hydraulically compress soil that contains a small amount of clay and silt mixed with cement into soil cement blocks. When cured, the blocks can be dry-stacked with no mortar. Hydraform soil cement interlocking blocks lock front and back, top and bottom so each block is dry stacked and locked into place. The unique dry-stacking building system uses mortar in the first few courses and the top 3-4 courses. The rest of the super structure is dry-stacked representing significant savings in time and construction costs.

Hydraform machines are ideal for remote sites where transport, cement and sand costs are high. They're also an eco-friendly, cost-saving alternative to conventional cement brick and block machines. Hydraform machines are also available in diesel or electrical options.

Why Choose Hydraform For Your Housing Project?

1. Quicker construction

Hydraform interlocking blocks are laid three times faster than conventional blocks and with 70% of the structure not requiring mortar, walls are erected quickly.

2. Save on costs.

Interlocking blocks cut out the need of mortar in between your walls by up to 70%. This saves you significant costs on additional building materials like cement and aggregate needed for plastering and mortar. Hydraform walls also do not require plaster further saving on costs and time. Furthermore blocks are produced on site saving on transport costs and using local materials.

3. Build eco-friendly.

Interlocking blocks are made from local soil and 10% cement. Not only giving your building a great face-brick finish, but also provide you with great thermal properties that keep your building warm in winter and cool in summer.

What More Can Hydraform Do For You?

Hydraform is dedicated to providing quality and robust machinery to all prospective clients. With this in mind we offer more than just quality products but also efficient service through our after sales and support department, logistics and training. Hydraform has helped hundreds of people through the sale of their machine(s) in the form of:

  • Comprehensive Skills Training.
  • After-Sales And Support.
  • Readily Available Spares.
  • Community Upliftment.
  • Job Creation.

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