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The Hydraform Building System is unique and makes use of the oldest known building material, earth to produce an interlocking soil-cement block in the specially designed chamber of the Hydraform machines. An essential component of any good system is training and skills transfer, both core to Hydraform’s support program. The first element to our support is training which introduces users to the unique building system, machinery and good quality block production.

After sales support is also key to ensure our valued clients have access to the support, advice and parts they need. In this section we also frequently update tips and information for efficient operations.

One of the most important core components of the Hydraform Building System is training. We have a number of skilled, trained and qualified trainers with a variety of experience who are able to provide comprehensive services to all our clients across the globe. We at Hydraform pride ourselves on providing quality training and the highest of standards is always maintained throughout the training courses we offer. Through the Hydraform Training you will be able to achieve the highest quality blocks and structures.

Level 1: On-site Training

On-site training allows our experienced trainers to visit your premises and to carry out training on all aspects of the Hydraform Building System. This ranges from setting up a block yard, producing high quality blocks and assisting with the process of construction by using Hydraform interlocking blocks. The primary focus of the on-site training is to conduct training at your convenience and location, together with the work force that will actually work on site by utilizing local suitable material. On-site training can only commence once the Hydraform equipment has been delivered to the respective site. On-site training is conducted over a course of 10-12 days.

Advantages of On-site Training

Large groups can be trained at once
Training helps to locate correct materials for your production around your area
Set-up of your block yard
Construction of a demonstration structure on your site.
Certificate of Attendance will be issued to those attending the full duration of the training

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From the moment the first block/ brick is produced, it is important to allocate finances/ budget towards maintenance. When The machine is in normal operation, it will run for 8hrs a day or 160hrs a month and therefore wear and tear will occur thus requiring regular servicing like any normal machinery.

Benefits of Regular Maintenance Include

Increased lifespan of the equipment.
Preserved value of the machine.
Production quality blocks/ bricks.
Prevents loss of income due to breakdown and no production.

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