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From the moment the first block/ brick is produced, it is important to allocate finances/ budget towards maintenance. When the machine is in normal operation, it will run for 8hrs a day or 160hrs a month and therefore wear and tear will occur thus requiring regular servicing like any normal machinery.

Read and understand the Hydraform instruction manual.
Daily record the machine’s running time as well as number of blocks produced.
Clean machine and moulds daily.
Allow for daily machine inspection to take place.
Inspect components daily for wear and tear.
Schedule preventative maintenance tasks.
Protect machinery and equipment from the elements.
Keep common wear parts in stock for quick replacement.

Benefits of regular maintenance include;

  • Increase lifespan of the equipment.
  • Preserved value of the machine.
  • Production of quality blocks/bricks.
  • Prevents loss of income due to breakdown and no production.

Hydraform machines come standard with a 12 months warranty. For an additional fee, clients have the option to extend the warranty of the machines and include a maintenance plan. The company also sells spares to maintain the equipment. This service is available to all Hydraform clients across Africa.

To find out if you qualify to extend the warranty and the rates of the maintenance plan cover, please contact: Bryce Peddle +27 83 650 7747 or Email:

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