SINCE 1988

About Hydraform

Since its inception more than 30 years ago, Hydraform has been at the forefront of soil-cement technology.

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Hydraform Ya Batho Directors

  • Monty Mothobi, Managing Director

  • Lusanda Zimase, Sales Director

Hydraform International Directors

  • Steven Tucker, Group Sales Director

  • Linda Kempster, Group Operations and Finance Director

  • Robert Plattner, Managing Director

If it looks right, it might not work right… the crippling cost of fake equipment.

We’ve all been faced with this situation before. You need equipment or a spares part, you’re a bit low on cash…and it becomes very tempting to take the easier, ‘cheaper’ route and get non-original parts. You save time, and money… right? Wrong!
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